A call to service

A call to service

There are so many reasons why I agree with and applaud E. Robert Goodwin’s op-ed, “A call for young Jews to do national service” (Oct. 19).

In addition to the many areas of our nation that are neglected and in need of repair, the value of young people engaging in national service is beyond measure. Very often a high school graduate who is off to college has no idea why he or she is there or what he or she wants to study.

Those who are not college-bound face a world of indifference to young people who have not honed skills nor any sense of what the world is about. College graduates find the world inhospitable to those without experience. How can they gain experience and add to their academic credentials? 

How about a year in the real world, serving diverse communities that might never be encountered except through national service. This opportunity strengthens a sense of citizenship and pride in our nation and in one’s self for having made a difference in some small or large way.

National service should be part of one’s resume when the time comes to face life and real opportunities.

Eleanor Rubin
Tinton Falls

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