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Making Matza (Slideshow)

Making Matza (Slideshow)

Photos by Robert Wiener
Photos by Robert Wiener

The Manischewitz bakery in Newark launched the Passover season with the launch of Passover run of shmura matzas on March 2. Rabbi Menachem Genack, CEO of the Orthodox Union’s Kashrus Division, pressed a button to start production.

Later, mashgihim — kosher inspectors — examined the year’s first batch of shmura matzas as they leave the ovens. They check each for cracks and irregularities as the matzas roll down the assembly line. (Those that are rejected are ground into chicken feed.)

The heavily supervised process ensures that the matzas are protected from fermentation from the time the wheat is harvested in the fields until the final product is boxed and shipped from the plant.

Click on the large photo at right for a glimpse of the production line, from flour to, eighteen minutes later, the final product.

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